• 13. Can I bring my nanny/ domestic helper?

    In Shanghai it’s possible, but they have limited quota. Normally China does not recognize foreign domestic helpers. If your nanny/domestic helper wishes to move to China he/she must apply for an individual valid visa.

  • 14. Can I bring my partner?

    According the regulation in Shanghai, if you have a child with you partner, both your partner and child will be allowed to apply for residence permit as dependent. Regarding detail documentation and process, please contact our Consultant for more information.

  • 15. Can I bring my teenage children who are over 18 years of age but still studying?

    No, any child who is over 18 years of age must obtain their own valid visa (permission of stay) (e.g. student visa (Student Residence Permit). Contact us for more information

  • 16. I have an adopted child. Will I be able to get a visa for them?

    Yes, you can apply for a dependant visa for your adopted children provide all required valid documentation is provided. Contact us for more information on the required documents.

  • 17. What happens if I change my status?

    The visa holder has the responsibility to report any status changes to the local immigration and any change must be reported within 10 days. Contact us for more information

  • 18. What nationalities find it difficult to obtain a visa in China?

    The following nationalities may require additional documentation when applying for a visa to Shenzhen: Afghanistan, Angolan, Bengal, Bhutan, Congo, Egypt, Gambian, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somali, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.Please contact your immigration consultant for information on the required documents. Please note that this list may change at any time as well as the additionally required documents.

  • 19. What happens about the visa renewal?

    As the time approaches for the renewal of your visa you will be notified to fill in the appropriate application form and provide documents to support your continued employment in China. JRE will assist and timely remind you for your visa renewals. Contact us for visa inquiries.

  • 20. Can I exit the country for vacation /business during my assignment?

    Yes, there are no restrictions on exit provided you have a valid visa and/or residence permit to re-enter China.

  • 21. Will there be any exit tax / charge?


  • 22. What happens if my baby was born in China?

    The birth must be reported to the Exit-Entry Bureau within 30 days after the birth. A passport must be obtained from your country embassy or consulate of citizenship and a dependant residence license must be applied for within 60-90 days after birth depending on the city. Shanghai is 60 days, Shenzhen is 90.

  • 23. What documents are required for my dependent family members to obtain a residence permit in China?

    A marriage license must be a legalized by the Chinese Consulate in the country where the Marriage license was issued to prove your spouse as a legal dependent. The same process applies for the birth certificates of any dependent children (under 18 years old). The original legalized certificates will be required when applying for a residence permit in China. You will need a marriage certificate which has to be legalized by local Chinese Consulate/Embassy. The process has to happen abroad and will be arranged by applicant him/herself overseas.

  • 24. Can I renew my residence permit without a work permit?

    No. The immigration office requires an extended work permit before a residence permit renewal can be granted.